Learn How Smoking is an Enemy for Women

Learn How Smoking is an Enemy for Women

Everyone knows about the risks and diseases that are related with tobacco, and how cancer is the biggest warning against it. But you must know how cancer is not the only risk a person might face when it comes to smoking tobacco; women have to face some unique challenges with it. Around 23% of female population (i.e 23 million) smoke cigarettes. Despite of giving fierce warnings against it, teenagers still persist to develop this habit, and almost 1.5 million young girls smoke tobacco.

Women suffer with common symptoms like men do, such as risks of cancer (kidney, pancreas, mouth, pharynx, lung, larynx, bladder and esophagus), however women need to be extra careful as there are certain explicit risks that our just ours.

  • Smoking and Oral Contraceptive

Are you the one using any kind of hormonal method or contraceptives for controlling birth? Women who smoke tobacco might suffer from consequences that include cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. The risk just keeps developing by each passing time and a woman over 30 must not use these pills. Also, women must keep checking their blood pressure every 6 months, as it has been studied that mild elevation in the blood level occur by using pills.

  • Smoking and pregnancy

Chemicals that is present in the tobacco passes from mothers to the fetus bloodstream. The toxic nicotine becomes a serious reason of risk for the unborn child and the mother. Smoking by pregnant ladies could lead to preterm delivery, membranes premature rupture, low weight of the baby, miscarriage, placenta previa, and also neonatal death. Women who smoked during their pregnancy period are said to have highest level of nicotine present in their body. Children, who had smoking mothers, experience more respiratory problems, illness, earaches and cold.

  • Smoking and Infertility

If you are planning to have a kid than going far away from tobacco is the way to go. Today, women generally delay their pregnancy giving priority to other responsibilities, but as a matter of fact fertility can be an issue for even those who do not smoke above the age of 30. Hence, the ones who smoke are at a greater risk to become infertile. Tobacco chemicals might alter cervical fluids putting the chances of conceiving in danger.

  • Smoking and Menstruation, Premature Menopause

Women who smoke gradually achieve menopause at an early stage, in fact 3 times faster than the ones who do not smoke. Other menstrual issues like amenorrhea, abnormal bleeding, and vaginal infections or discharges can occur too.

  • Smoking and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

This is a disease which occurs with larger frequency in smoking women. It is a disease that is quite painful and needs immediate intervention of proper medication as it can also contribute to ectopic pregnancies also, pelvic adhesions along with more fertility issues.

  • Smoking and Cervical Cancer

It is a must for tobacco using women to do routinely pelvic exams which includes pap smears, as these women grow around 80% of risk factor for cervical cancer. The tobacco chemicals slow down the ability of cervical cells to fight infections and hence resulting in severe and results.