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How Often You Will Need To Replace Your Batteries That You Use To Charge Your E-Cigarette With


It is common knowledge that many people out there will become very attached to their e-cigarette and will want to have it on them at all times. It can be a wonderful form of stress relief and sometimes just having something that people can put in their mouths is the perfect way for them to be able to relax. This can be extremely important in this busy day and age especially for those who have hectic jobs, who have children, people who have health issues or financial issues, or who are currently studying at University.

Whatever the reason may be for the stress, if people have found a way for them to decrease this stress then this is a great thing. However, sometimes these types of things can break or can run out of juice which can leave people without their vice. As this can be the case, this post will look at how often you will need to replace your batteries that you use to charge once you buy e cigarettes Australia brand.


It is likely that you will need to replace your batteries that you use to charge your e-cigarette about every six months or so

For those who aren’t generally worried about this but for who would like to keep up with general maintenance, it is a good rule of thumb for them to replace their batteries that they used to charge their e-cigarette with about every six months or so. The great thing is that people are able to take these batteries to places such as Aldi where they can dispose of them to be recycled. If people are ever unsure, however, they are always able to chat to the person who works at the store that they purchased them from.

This can also be a good idea because there may be some kind of warranty included which means that if the batteries go dead before a certain date, they may be able to get them replaced for free. Usually people who work at these types of stores will also have a good idea of what to expect as they already use this product themselves. And so, simply chatting to someone can be a great way for people to get a better idea about how often they need to replace their batteries that they charge their e-cigarettes with.


You don’t have to stress about having to randomly replace your batteries that you use to charge your e-cigarettes with by always having some spare ones on hand

While most people out there are willing to take a relaxed approach there are some who feel that they can never be without their c-cigarettes as they enjoy vaping that much. As previously mentioned, there are many people who use this as their form of stress relief which means that it always needs to be working for them. This means that they will have to go about charging their batteries every single night so that they can make sure that they can use their device during the day.

It also means that they might like to have some kind of backup if something bad ever happens to their batteries and a simple way to achieve this is by always having some spare ones on hand. This will give them a peace of mind and will also ensure that they always have their stress release device on them to use. As can be seen, a bit of initiative can go a long way when it comes to vaping.

Learn How Smoking is an Enemy for Women

Learn How Smoking is an Enemy for Women

Everyone knows about the risks and diseases that are related with tobacco, and how cancer is the biggest warning against it. But you must know how cancer is not the only risk a person might face when it comes to smoking tobacco; women have to face some unique challenges with it. Around 23% of female population (i.e 23 million) smoke cigarettes. Despite of giving fierce warnings against it, teenagers still persist to develop this habit, and almost 1.5 million young girls smoke tobacco.

Women suffer with common symptoms like men do, such as risks of cancer (kidney, pancreas, mouth, pharynx, lung, larynx, bladder and esophagus), however women need to be extra careful as there are certain explicit risks that our just ours.

  • Smoking and Oral Contraceptive

Are you the one using any kind of hormonal method or contraceptives for controlling birth? Women who smoke tobacco might suffer from consequences that include cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. The risk just keeps developing by each passing time and a woman over 30 must not use these pills. Also, women must keep checking their blood pressure every 6 months, as it has been studied that mild elevation in the blood level occur by using pills.

  • Smoking and pregnancy

Chemicals that is present in the tobacco passes from mothers to the fetus bloodstream. The toxic nicotine becomes a serious reason of risk for the unborn child and the mother. Smoking by pregnant ladies could lead to preterm delivery, membranes premature rupture, low weight of the baby, miscarriage, placenta previa, and also neonatal death. Women who smoked during their pregnancy period are said to have highest level of nicotine present in their body. Children, who had smoking mothers, experience more respiratory problems, illness, earaches and cold.

  • Smoking and Infertility

If you are planning to have a kid than going far away from tobacco is the way to go. Today, women generally delay their pregnancy giving priority to other responsibilities, but as a matter of fact fertility can be an issue for even those who do not smoke above the age of 30. Hence, the ones who smoke are at a greater risk to become infertile. Tobacco chemicals might alter cervical fluids putting the chances of conceiving in danger.

  • Smoking and Menstruation, Premature Menopause

Women who smoke gradually achieve menopause at an early stage, in fact 3 times faster than the ones who do not smoke. Other menstrual issues like amenorrhea, abnormal bleeding, and vaginal infections or discharges can occur too.

  • Smoking and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

This is a disease which occurs with larger frequency in smoking women. It is a disease that is quite painful and needs immediate intervention of proper medication as it can also contribute to ectopic pregnancies also, pelvic adhesions along with more fertility issues.

  • Smoking and Cervical Cancer

It is a must for tobacco using women to do routinely pelvic exams which includes pap smears, as these women grow around 80% of risk factor for cervical cancer. The tobacco chemicals slow down the ability of cervical cells to fight infections and hence resulting in severe and results.

Tobacco Products, Smokeless Tobacco and Marketing

Tobacco Products, Smokeless Tobacco and Marketing

There exist various kinds of non-cigarette or smokeless tobacco forms of nicotine which varies globally and regionally. Smoked tobacco like bidis, cigars, waterpipes, kreteks, etc has huge popularity and is perceived to be less harmful than cigarettes, whereas, they both have similar health burden. Smokeless tobacco substances widely vary in their health and form hazard, with few evident toxic forms like in South Asia, and some with fewer hazards like in Sweden. The existence of such production in the market present you with both opportunities and challenges in regards with public health. Regulatory actions for future like expansion of the smokefree environment, taxation, health warnings on the product etc may serve in order to decrease or increase the usage of smokeless tobacco.

  • Smokeless Tobacco
  1. It includes the kind of tobacco which can be chewed or sucked
  2. Are not burned
  3. Could be swallowed or spat out, that depends on the type of product
  4. Could be spitless, again which depends on the merchandise
  5. Contains addictive nicotine
  6. Turn to be quite appealing for youth as it is sold in flavours like berry, apple, cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Types of smokeless tobacco
  1. Snuff (dry, moist, in packets)
  2. Chewing tobacco (plugs, loose leaf, or twist which comes in various flavours)
  3. Dissolvable (sticks, strips, lozenges, orbs)

Chewing tobacco types and its market share

  • Loose leaf

It is an old form of tobacco, quite sweetened and is packed in foil, it’s kept between the gums and cheek, and its market share goes upto 17.5%.

  • Plug

Tobacco leaves that are pressed together to form a plug or a cake, Its share is 0.5% in the market.

  • Roll or twist

Tobacco leaves that are twisted together in a form of rope, its share is 0.2% in the market.


They are ground tobacco which could be either inhaled or sniffed inside the nose.

  • Moist

Fermented tobacco which are pressed to fine particles and are packed in rounded cans, a pinch of it is placed in between the lips, cheek and gums, also requires spitting and its share in the market is approx 80%.

  • Dry

Powder form tobacco that’s fire cured, pinch of it is inhaled or placed in mouth, requires spitting and shares the market only 1.1%.

  • S snuff

These snuffs come in small sized tea bags; it is placed among gums, teeth and cheek and does not require spitting.

  • Dissolvable products

These products attract consumers as it comes in appealing packages, looking like small mints or candy and are hidden without any hassle. Lozenges resembles tablets or pellets, orbs are similar to small mints, sticks are like toothpick, whereas strips look like thin dissolvable medication strips.

Research of 2016 states, that around $759.3, millions were spent on promotion and advertising of these smokeless tobacco brands. Some companies also advertise these commodities as an alternate to tobacco smoking which is inappropriate. It can also cause tooth loss or gum diseases resulting in mouth cancer.

7 Ways you Can Keep your Teen Away from Tobacco

7 Ways you Can Keep your Teen Away from Tobacco

Teenagers today might start smoking in innocence or ignorance, but it might result in a long term issue for them. In fact most of the adults began smoking in adolescents. In order to keep your children away from this addictive habit, understand certain ways in which you can prevent them in doing so.

  • Set an example

Adolescents often turn to tobacco watching their elders and surrounding, so if the parents smoke they will gradually follow. One must stop now as to not lead a wrong example for their children, take help from the doctor if needed. Also start protecting them by not leaving the tobacco substances around the house or even smoking in front of them carelessly for that matter. Explain your children how upset and helpless you feel with this habit of yours, so that they help you quit it too.

  • Understand the drawing card

The reason to start smoking when your a teen could either be the result of a rebellious nature or if the child wants to fit in a particular friend circle. They do so for a reason to feel independent or cool. You can discuss with them how the advertising firms portray tobacco in ads and influence the ideas regarding smoking. They put in mind the perception of how tobacco use or use of e-cigarettes is mature and sexy.

  • Think above cigarettes

Adolescents often do the mistake of thinking e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, candy flavour cigarettes, clove cigarettes, water pipes etc to be less addictive or harmful than other traditional cigarettes. But nevertheless they all carry certain risks.

E-cigarettes are devices that are battery operated and heat the fluid containing nicotine, which turns into vapour and is then inhaled. Research says that this form also lets the inhaler take in lots of harmful chemicals. So it is possible that the teen might get attracted to this kind of smoking looking at his peers and end up with the usage of cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

  • Straight away say NO

Parents might think that the teens would not pay much heed to what they are saying as this is a vulnerable age and they can turn into a rebellion. However, let them know that vaping or smoking is not allowed, showing such disapproval will surely make an impact.

  • Be prepared for peer pressure.

“But my friends do it, so can I”. Parents hear that often but one can introduce certain tools to your teens which can help them stay away from tobacco.

  • Speak about the future

Teens might not take it in a good stride if you directly attack them with the consequence they can face if they don’t listen. Hence, try giving examples of your friends, loved ones, celebrities or neighbours who are facing illness and harm relating to tobacco.

  • Get involved

Being active and taking a stance against the same would be very helpful. Participate in school sponsored or local tobacco prevention campaigns. Support the cause of increasing taxes on products of tobacco. Also support the effort of making crowded places smoke free.

Direct-To-Lung Or Mouth-To-Lung, Which One Means What In Vaping

Learning about what sort of vaping devices and vaping gadgets are best for you, isn’t enough. You should also ensure that you are fluent with the ‘How should I vape?’ part.

To understand this, you ought to realize that there are two vaping designs. They are Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and Direct-to-lung (DTL).


Mouth-to-lung is a kind of breathing in. You take the vapor in your mouth which then you again breathe it into your lungs when you breathe in like this.

MTL kind of vaping provides you an extreme throat struck given that you hold the vapor in your mouth for a long time before you inhale it in your lungs.


Direct-to-lung (DTL) hit is an inhale that straight presses the vapor to your lungs. You have to breathe in the smoke directly into your lungs without holding it in your mouth. DTL vaping is similar to taking a deep breath and after that, breathing it out.

A little bit of both?

In truth, when you vape, it can be a blur if you attempt to identify which vaping model you are using.

If we believe about it realistically, whichever design you use, the vapor has to pass through your mouth. There can be a mix of both in the method you vape. One model might be more dominant than the other one for you.

This makes it extremely essential to understand what these designs are, and this will ultimately assist you in selecting ideal vaping devices and vaping gadget for you.

How to do MTL vaping?

First, smoke a long drag into your mouth like you are smoking a regular cigarette for as long as you want. Now, just breathe in the vapors of that drag into your lungs.

How to do DTL vaping?

Before you attempt DTL vaping, you must ensure that the vape is more soft, breezy, and not wilted up! Make sure that the airflow in your vaping gadget is massive.

After you do this, take a complete, consistent, and sincere vape directly to your lungs. You’ll feel the hit a couple of seconds later on.

Which one is much better?

To select which one is much better for you resembles asking what sort of food is much better for you? It is various and subjective individuals might discover

different things exercising on their own!

If you are a fan of extreme and substantial vape clouds:

If you are a fan of that and desire enormous and thick clouds of vapor, you need to attempt DTL vaping methods.

The DTL vaping experience is much more extreme than MTL vaping given that the vape gets straight into your lungs that boosts the vaping experience and as you have a more powerful smoke coming out of your lungs, more vapor is created.