7 Ways you Can Keep your Teen Away from Tobacco

7 Ways you Can Keep your Teen Away from Tobacco

Teenagers today might start smoking in innocence or ignorance, but it might result in a long term issue for them. In fact most of the adults began smoking in adolescents. In order to keep your children away from this addictive habit, understand certain ways in which you can prevent them in doing so.

  • Set an example

Adolescents often turn to tobacco watching their elders and surrounding, so if the parents smoke they will gradually follow. One must stop now as to not lead a wrong example for their children, take help from the doctor if needed. Also start protecting them by not leaving the tobacco substances around the house or even smoking in front of them carelessly for that matter. Explain your children how upset and helpless you feel with this habit of yours, so that they help you quit it too.

  • Understand the drawing card

The reason to start smoking when your a teen could either be the result of a rebellious nature or if the child wants to fit in a particular friend circle. They do so for a reason to feel independent or cool. You can discuss with them how the advertising firms portray tobacco in ads and influence the ideas regarding smoking. They put in mind the perception of how tobacco use or use of e-cigarettes is mature and sexy.

  • Think above cigarettes

Adolescents often do the mistake of thinking e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, candy flavour cigarettes, clove cigarettes, water pipes etc to be less addictive or harmful than other traditional cigarettes. But nevertheless they all carry certain risks.

E-cigarettes are devices that are battery operated and heat the fluid containing nicotine, which turns into vapour and is then inhaled. Research says that this form also lets the inhaler take in lots of harmful chemicals. So it is possible that the teen might get attracted to this kind of smoking looking at his peers and end up with the usage of cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

  • Straight away say NO

Parents might think that the teens would not pay much heed to what they are saying as this is a vulnerable age and they can turn into a rebellion. However, let them know that vaping or smoking is not allowed, showing such disapproval will surely make an impact.

  • Be prepared for peer pressure.

“But my friends do it, so can I”. Parents hear that often but one can introduce certain tools to your teens which can help them stay away from tobacco.

  • Speak about the future

Teens might not take it in a good stride if you directly attack them with the consequence they can face if they don’t listen. Hence, try giving examples of your friends, loved ones, celebrities or neighbours who are facing illness and harm relating to tobacco.

  • Get involved

Being active and taking a stance against the same would be very helpful. Participate in school sponsored or local tobacco prevention campaigns. Support the cause of increasing taxes on products of tobacco. Also support the effort of making crowded places smoke free.